Here is a message from our Technical Director, Riley O’Neill:


Dear Oceanside FC members,

I am pleased to announce the new Development Program through OFC.

We are currently offering this to all players U10 – U14, plus our U9 girls. This weekly training program will be held on Thursday evenings starting April 11th through June 20th (11 sessions).


U9, U10, U11 – This program is designed to help you prepare for a future playing with our Rep Program.

U12, U13 – Whether you are a house player or on the Rep team, this program is designed to help prepare you for more competitive level play, including the new Tier 2 program for 2025.


I will personally be guiding, developing and running this program. All training plans will be provided to coaches with an emphasis on the development of the individual. These training plans will provide smaller games, drills, exercises to get the players more touches in game like scenarios.

Adaptations in teams, training and games will be done under my supervision and in support of each players developmental needs. Players will be put into training groups that will be based on the consideration of myself as well as the Oceanside teams they currently play on.


If you are interested in our Rep program or the new Tier 2 program, we invite you to apply to be a part of this program.

This will prepare and support your coaching plan, as well as the players you coach. We will be hosting Coaches’ Nights to provide more opportunity for us to have a laugh, learn and kick about, but also share ideas and maybe take one or two with us. The more we can connect as OFC coaches, the more opportunities we may have to support the players we coach.A HUGE thank you to all of you for the Fall season and being apart of a great club. I personally really enjoy my time on the field with the players, families, and coaches. Having these connections and such great support is what drives clubs like ours.

I hope I can continue to support that feeling and atmosphere I have enjoyed since arriving at the club last year. Thank you all again for the time you all give to help make Oceanside FC a fun, supportive and collaborative environment that shows our community strength.

Cheers, Oceanside Technical DirectorRiley O’Neill

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