Scholarships and Awards



Two recipients of $500.00 each


Oceanside FC awards two $500 scholarships. Applications for the scholarships will be received from graduating students of Ballenas Secondary School and Kwalikum Secondary. This scholarship will be available to all students, whether that be in class or online learning.

Criteria for Selection:

The scholarships are to be awarded to students proceeding to any recognized university or post-secondary institution.

All applicants must have a C+ average, however, soccer skills and / or participation with the Oceanside FC as a coach, referee, etc. will be a deciding factor as well as scholastic standing.

Applicants must have been involved in youth soccer for the past three consecutive seasons, including the current season, within the Oceanside FC, if the club had teams for them to play on in the past three consecutive seasons. Candidates must also be proficient in soccer, as indicated by their play or have shown worthwhile contribution in coaching, refereeing or administration.

Additional Criteria:

The following must accompany the application:

A letter from the school principal or counsellor certifying the candidate’s age, scholarship, ability and participation in school activities.

A transcript of the student’s marks & current marks to the application date must be attached.

A letter from the coach, manager or club executive indicating the candidate’s character, leadership and information as to soccer ability and / or contribution to refereeing, coaching or administration.


Selection for this scholarship will be made by a committee of the Oceanside FC Board of the graduating year.


How to Access the Scholarship:

• Please refer to your scholarship recipient letter for instructions on how to access the funds for this scholarship

The recipient of this scholarship must provide proof of attendance at a post-secondary institution within 18 months of graduation.

Jane Waite Volunteer Award


To recognize youth volunteers within Oceanside FC, The award is named after Jane Waite who has committed 20 years of volunteering with the club as a coach and board member. The commitment and giving of time is priceless and the club wants to further recognize those who make that investment.

This Award will be in place for 4 years from 2021-2025 with the potential renewal for 2026 and beyond. The value of Award is $500/annually and may be divided between multiple applicants depending on applications and evaluations.

Criteria for Selection:

Between the ages 14-20 years old

Registered as a player or coach in Oceanside FC

Volunteer a minimum of 15 hours in the current year of application.

Complete the required application form and submit by annually determined deadline.

An individual may receive the Award more than once.

Application form review of: References, Previous experience, Prior Awards or Scholarships within Oceanside FC

Oceanside FC Referee Award


This is open to applications from Referees ages 16-20 within our soccer club. An individual may only be awarded this once, however, may apply each year of eligibility. The applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship and Awards committee and awarded at the club AGM. The total maximum value of the award is $500 annually and may be given/shared to more than one individual depending on applicants.

To be eligible an individual must

– Be age 16-20 years old – Must have Refereed with Oceanside FC for a minimum of 5 years

– Must submit a completed application form signed by referee coordinator and club executive member.

Criteria for Selection

-Application form review


-Level of Certification