Our Golden Circle

Our Why

Our vision. Our purpose. The result we aim for. The reason our club exists.

We help shape not only great soccer players, but well-rounded individuals who feel empowered as athletes and as people.

We encourage our players to fall in love with the game and to strive to improve their game every day.

We invite our members and players to individually contribute to a larger collective community…the Oceanside soccer community!

Our How

The things that make us special and set us apart. How we execute on our mission.

We accept and embrace the challenge and responsibility of teaching the game of soccer, life lessons, leadership and team-based mentalities to all of our athletes.

Oceanside FC is committed to providing a fun and educational soccer experience for all who have interest in learning and growing in the game of soccer.

We are driven and committed to making every athlete’s soccer experience a safe and rewarding one.

Our What

The services that we provide.

We provide challenging training environments for our athletes to develop their full potential.

With both recreational-based training and competitive training, Oceanside FC caters to all soccer player’s abilities and goals.

Throughout the soccer season, coaches promote the development of character, integrity and enjoyment which comes from being part of a team.