Here is the link to sign up for our Competitive Evaluations.  Right now, you will be added to a waitlist. You will be put on the list once I can make a schedule.

These evaluations are how we determine who will be offered a position on our REP TEAM FALL 2024/25

The first of three sessions happened on April 23rd.  There will be 2 more sessions to follow.

You must register to get the information on dates and times.  Please make sure that your PowerUp account settings say you “Opt In” to receiving our emails.

Evaluation fee is $20 for all three sessions.  Please try to attend all of these sessions.  It is not mandatory for you to participate in all sessions, but the more we get to see you the better.

You will be required to upload a photo of Proof of Birthdate – student ID, Birth Certificate, BC services card – this is a requirement through our governing body, UISA, to play at Tier 3 level soccer.